2011 Pump House Project

For 25 years we utilized our old goat house as a pump house over our well.  It was a small, cramped shed that we built in 1976 for our goat Jenny.  By the time we had a well drilled Jenny was long gone so we dragged her old house over to cover the well and protect the pressure tank.  In the past couple of years it was definitely showing it's age so in 2011 we built a new, roomier pump house.


The original pump house, once the goat house.


The old pump house torn down.  Here's the pressure tank with the well casing behind the tank


The new pump house measuring a roomy 6' x 8'.  Nothing too fancy with just a dirt floor.


The door handle fashioned from an alder branch on the home built door.


The finished pump house.  It also serves as storage space for garden pots and hoses over the Winter.

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