2011 Chicken Coop Project

We had decided to raise laying chickens again so we needed to build a bear proof coop as our previous chickens had been eaten by bears.  We designed a small, strong coop, big enough for 2-4 chickens.  Here are a few pictures of the process: 


We built a raised platform 2 feet off the ground to give the chickens shelter from the rain and sun when in their yard.


The floor dimensions are 4' x 4' with a little extra room in the nesting box that is attached to the back of the coop. The walls are 40" high.


The ceiling, floor and walls are insulated. Shakes left over from another project were used on the roof.  


The clean-out door is large enough to access all of the coop and it hinges down for easy cleaning.  We use dry peat moss on the floor as it absorbs moisture, cuts down much of the odour, provides a dust bath for the chickens and is great for the garden. 


The nesting box, with hinged down door for outside access to the eggs, will be filled with straw.


Linoleum helps keep the floor clean and dry.  About 3 inches of dry peat moss will go on top of this.  All the wall and floor seams are caulked.  The chicken door is to the left and one visible nesting box is to the right.


The Chicken Gazebo.  We thought the chicken's octagonal yard would complement our hexagonal house.  Lots of heavy wire to keep the bears out!


Our two Plymouth Barred Rock chickens adjusting to their new home.

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