2010 Hoop Greenhouse Project

Being surrounded by forest and at an elevation of 260 feet, our garden is about two weeks behind other gardens in the area.  We thought it would be beneficial to have a greenhouse to help the garden along.  We found the idea for this greenhouse 
online and it turned out to be a fun, quick and inexpensive project.


The garden in the early Fall.  We incorporated two of the beds into the greenhouse


Here is the 2 x 4 layout of the greenhouse.  It measures 10' x 22.5'


30" lengths of rebar are hammered 15" deep and spaced every 2 feet down the length of the greenhouse


20 foot x 3/4" white pvc water pipe is used for the hoops.  They are slipped over the rebar to make a 7.5 foot high hoop. The end wall is just being framed in this photo


Copper pipe straps secure the hoops and rebar


We chose not to go to the expense of greenhouse film and instead bought a large roll of 6 mil. poly.  There should be enough on the roll to cover the greenhouse 3 times and we hope to get 2 or three years from each covering.  The poly folds over each end - a little tricky but it worked okay.


A simple door with a branch for the handle


An opening window at the other end provides good air circulation

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