Trafalgar Days

Trafalgar School,  83 Simpson St.,  Montreal, Quebec

Started at Trafalgar

Tuesday, September 12, 1905 -

Got up about 8. After breakfast Aunt Margaret and I went up to Trafalgar. Met Miss Fairley and I just love her, also met Miss Samuel and I think she is a dear. Saw my room and unpacked some of my things. Went home in time for lunch . . . After dinner Uncle Tom and Aunt Margaret took me up to Trafalgar. Met some of the girls in my dormitory.  Ethel Malcolm my next door neighbour from Edmundston, New Brunswick. Gertrude Stevens - Waterloo, Quebec, Constance Plimley - Hudson Heights, Quebec and Olive McLennan from Vancouver. Also met Miss Brown, Miss Wisdom and Miss Wales, the teachers. Fooled around for a while and then went to bed.

Wednesday, September 13, 1905 -

Bell rung at 7 for the girls to get up and had to be at prayers at 7:50 and breakfast at 8. After breakfast the new girls were allowed to unpack their trunks and fix up their rooms.  Olive and I did ours together and I am just crazy about her.   At recess I went up in the Assembly with Isabel and Jean. We had dinner at 2 and afterwards I took my examination.  Didn't find it very hard but only passed into the Third Form.  At 5, Aunt Margaret came to see me and I showed her my room.   Francis MacKeen and Bessie McKeough - Francis is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Bessie from Chatham, Ont, came.  At 6 Miss Fairley took the new girls for a walk and I walked with Jessie Scott from Winnipeg. Got home at 6:50 and had tea.  After had our recreation hour.   May Joughins from Moncton, New Brunswick and Fay Cummings from Quebec came into our dormitory and Amy Cook, another Quebec girl went upstairs.  Lights out at 9:30.

Program for the week days except Saturdays

Rising bell 7 o'clock
Prayers 7:50
Breakfast 8
After breakfast spend 15 minutes in the garden and then we go in and make our
beds and clean up our rooms.
At 9 all go up to the Assembly, have prayers again and then go down to lessons.
At 11:30 have fifteen minute recess and then have lessons to 1:40.
At 1:40 we get our mail and get cleaned up for dinner. We have dinner at 2.
After dinner get ready for the walk and start at 3.

My partners for the walks

Monday - Jessie Scott, Winnipeg
Tuesday - Bessie McKeough, Chatham
Wednesday - Olive McLennan, Vancouver
Thursday - Jessie Scott
Friday - May Joughins, Moncton
Saturday - Fay Cummings, Quebec

We get back from our walks about 4:10 and then have biscuits.
After that we can do as we like till 5:15 and then we have study till 6:30.
After that we have tea and study again till 8:15
Then we go down in the recreation room and sew or read till 8:45
except on Thursday and Saturday nights.
Then we go up in the Assembly Hall and dance.
At 8:45 we have prayers then go to bed.
Lights are out at 9:30.

Program for Saturday

Rising bell at 7
Prayers at 7:50
Breakfast at 8
Then we clean up our rooms and make out our laundry lists
At 9:30 we have our sewing class which lasts till 10:30
Then we have recreation which lasts till 11:30 when we get ready for our walk.
We get back at 1 and then have dinner
After dinner get dressed for visitors who come from two to four
After the visitors leave we have recreation till 5:15 and then study till 6:30.
Have tea and afterwards have recreation hour till 8:15
Then we dance till prayer time and bed time

Monday, September 18, 1905 -

I was promoted to the Fourth Form.

My Program for Form IV

Practice Hours and Music Lessons

From 5 to 6 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
From 10:30 to 11:30 - Saturday mornings.
Music lesson on Mondays from 4:30 to 5 and Thursday the same.

Program for Sunday 

Rising bell at 8
Prayers at 8:50 and breakfast at 9.
After breakfast walk in the garden for fifteen minutes and then have to get dressed
Start for St. George's at 10:30.  Gertrude Stevens is my partner.
We get home at 1 and have dinner then we have from 2 till 4:30 to read in our rooms.
At 4:30 Miss Fairley holds Bible Class which lasts till 5:30 and then we all go down
in the parlor and sing hymns.
Have tea after and at 6:30 leave for church.  Evelyn Meredith from Quebec is my partner.
We get home about 9 and after having biscuits go to bed.

Jessie Scott, Marjorie Henderson and Olive McLennan

Jean Cruickshank, Dorothy Hunter and Miss Brown

Edna Newlands, Fay Cummings,
Jessie Scott and Gwen Newlands

Our First Midnight Feast
Monday Night - October 9

Olive slept with me and at 12 Mary and Jessie came down from the upper dormitory and Fay and May, who were on duty, woke us up.  We had a feast in May's room and it was great - 2 chickens, 2 bottles of olives, sandwiches, cake and candy.

The girls who were there:

May Joughins, Bessie McKeough, Francis MacKeen, Gertrude Stevens, May Pollock, Jessie Scott, Fay Cummings, Olive McLennan, Ethel Malcolm and myself.

Evelyn Meredith

Fay Cummings

May Joughins

Trafalgar Day

Our First Fancy Dress Party
October 21, 1905

The girls came at 7:30 and everyone looked perfectly lovely. The Assembly Hall was beautifully decorated with Autumn leaves and flags.  Agnes Hastings and Gladys Muir led the Grand March which I had with Jessie Scott.  The music was lovely.  Isabel and I had supper together which was ice cream and cake and lemonade.  The girls left at ten o'clock.


Grand March - Jessie Scott

Two Step - Bessie McKeough

Waltz - Isabel Rodger

Militaire - Jean Ross

Two Step - Marjorie Slatter

Waltz - Bessie McKeough

Two Step - Isabel Rodger

Two Step - Amy Cook

Waltz - Miss McKenzie

Sir Roger - Jessie Scott

Some of the Costumes

Irene Robinson, Agnes Hastings and Gladys Muir all looked lovely dressed alike in pink dresses trimmed with tinsel.
Olive McLennan - colonial girl, dress made of blue paper trimmed with white paper decorated with pink roses.
May Joughins - Autumn, dark green dress with Autumn leaves on it
Amy Cook and Evelyn Meredith - lavender dresses
Fay Cummings - lavender
Constance Plimley - a pack of cards
Edna Newlands - fairy
Jean Cruickshank, Mary Pollock & Gertrude Stevens - colonial
Ethel Greig - rose
Ethel Malcolm - blue dress
Bessie McKeough - sailor suit
Isabel Rodger - pale green with little gold stars over the paper and Jean Ross the same only over yellow paper.
Jessie Scott and I wore dresses made from red tissue paper and made just the same.

Gladys Muir and Jean Cruickshank

Saturday, March 24, 1906

Miss Brown took Evelyn, Constance, Irene, Jessie, Agnes, Ethel Bell and myself to see William Gillette in "Clarice" at "His Majesty's."  It was simply great and I never saw anyone as handsome as Gillette.

Monday, May 7, 1906

Had a spiff feast at 11 o'clock in Jessie's room in honor of Ethel Greig's birthday.  Dorothy, Zeta, Ethel, Jessie and myself.

Tuesday, May 8, 1906

On the walk met the royal party with Prince Arthur (nephew of King Edward).

Saturday, May 12, 1906

Two parties went to the Horse Show at the Arena.  Miss Fairley took our party and I went with Jessie. Others in our party were: Ellen, Constance, Laura, Emma and Ethel Bell.  The Horse Show was fine, saw loads of people I knew.  Isabel, Jean Ross and Hazel Hart asked us to go down in their box, Jessie and myself, but Miss Fairley wouldn't let us go.  Margaret Greenshields took second prize for driving.

Tuesday, May 22, 1906

Miss Fairley took Fay, Ethel M, Ethel Bell, Emma, Ellen, Ethel G and myself for a car ride up the mountain.  When we got to the top we got off and picked loads of lovely flowers.  On the way home Fay and I got off the car at Aunt Ellie's and I took her my flowers while Fay ran to the grocery store!!!  I had a nice little visit with Aunt Ellie and met the two Miss Rosses. Fay and I ate chocolate all the way home and laughed until we were sick.

Clockwise from rear-left:  Ethel Greig, Jessie Scott, Ellen Stevens, Fay Cummings,
Marjorie Henderson, Zeta Meyers and Bessie McKeough on the mountain   (Mont-Royal)

Saturday, May 26, 1906

Miss Fairley took Amy, Evelyn, Ethel Bell, Gwen, Jessie, Olive, Ethel Greig, Fay and myself to Cartierville.  We had a lovely time and got heaps of violets.  Came home all tired out. In the evening went to Miss Syrus' Recital.  It was perfectly lovely.  I have never heard anyone play so beautifully.  I walked with Olive.

Wednesday, June 13, 1906

Met Miss Wisdom with the girls - Laura, Emma, Constance, Zeta, Jessie and Olive.  We took the train for Lachine at 5.  Had heaps of fun going out, fooled with everyone on the train.  When we got to Lachine we found we had just missed the boat so we couldn't go down the rapids.  The next train into town left at 6:45.  We sat on the wharf and ate bananas and chocolates.  Had loads of fun and Miss Wisdom was perfectly sweet.  We took the 6:45 home and had a perfect circus on the train, sang and laughed for all we were worth.  Got back at 7:30 and we didn't tell any of the girls that we hadn't gone down the rapids. 

Marjorie Henderson and Agnes Hastings

Thursday, June 14, 1906

We all got dressed in our closing dresses and went up to the hall at four.  The girls presented Miss Hendry with her tea set and then Dr. Barclay presented the certificates.  Olive got one for music and we were all awfully glad.  After the exercises everybody went down in the garden and we all played our closing pieces.  Aunt Margaret, Aunt Ellie, Helen, mother and father were there.  We left at 6 and I felt awfully bad saying goodbye to the girls, Olive and Fay especially.

On the Mountain

Mary Pollock and May Joughins

Marjorie Henderson and Gladys Muir
on the school driveway

Students of Trafalgar

Marjorie Henderson (St. Paul, Minnesota)
Gertrude Stevens (Waterloo, Quebec)
Mary Pollock (Montreal, Quebec)
Jean Cruickshank (Montreal, Quebec)
Evelyn Cummings (Quebec)
Laura Aitken (Newcastle)
Irene Robinson (Millertown, Newfoundland)
Agnes Hastings (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
May Joughins (Moncton, New Brunswick)
Dorothy Hunter (Montreal, Quebec)
Gwendolyn Newlands (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Edna Newlands (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Olive McLennan (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Zeta Myers (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Gladys Muir (Abercorn, Quebec)
Bessie McKeough (Chatham, Ontario)
Ethel Malcolm (Edmundston, New Brunswick)
Ethel Greig (Quebec)
Jessie Scott (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Constance Plimley (Hudson Heights, Quebec)
Francis McKeen (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
Ethel Bell (Jamaica)
Emma Lyster (Montreal, Quebec)
Amy Cook (Quebec)
Ellen Stevens (Waterloo, Ontario)
Evelyn Meredith (Quebec)
Fay Cummings (Quebec)

One thing that stands out in Marjorie's life is that she kept in touch with many of the girls and teachers she went to school with, both at Trafalgar and Campbell-Hagerman, until the end of their days.  Her scrapbooks are full of marriage notices, social notes and obituaries of her friends.  

After completing school Marjorie returned home for the Summer and prepared for her departure to Lexington, Kentucky in September to attend Campbell-Hagerman College.  Campbell-Hagerman was a private women's college affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, founded in 1903.  The school had dormitories and half of its students were boarders.  It has since closed.  The following link will continue on with Marjorie's story:


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