Europe Grand Tour
June, 11 1910 - September 18, 1910

On June 11, 1910, Marjorie and her mother Edith Henderson sailed from New York on the "Friedrich der Grosse."  They were part of a large tour group that, on landing in Naples, Italy split into three smaller groups (A, B & C).  Each smaller group had a different itinerary and throughout the three months would cross paths in different cities.  Mrs. Beckwith, accompanied by her daughter, was be the leader of Marjorie and Edith's group (B).  This page consists of photos taken either by Marjorie or Edith (except for the ship postcard).



Captain Dahl of the "Friedrich der Grosse"

Saturday, June 11, 1910

Woke up to find it raining.  Got our bags packed and then waited for Mr. Jim Fleming to come and take us to the boat.  We left the hotel about 9:30 and took the subway over to Hoboken.  That certainly is a great thing riding underground and the rate you go.  We got over to the Friedrich der Grosse in plenty of time and the ship was crowded with friends saying goodbye.  Got our trunks located and went down to our stateroom.  It was real small but looked mighty fine with our lovely flowers and loads of steamer letters.  Mr. Fleming brought me a box of candy.  He left us after he got us safely landed. We left at 11 o’clock. The band played “Home Sweet Home” and we slid off. I don’t believe I was ever so home sick in my life.  It took us a couple of hours to get settled and then I started to read my steamer letters.  Had to stop tho’ they made me feel so bad.  Sent some postals from Sandy Hook.  We ran into a dense fog in the afternoon and it staid with us all the rest of the day.  I felt miserable and nearly everyone on board was seasick.  I staid in my steamer chair all day.  Felt so sick that I hardly met anyone.  Didn’t care to. The party of Texas girls were lovely to me, Anne Vickery especially.  I was glad to see her after meeting her in Texas. Our party was fine and I just love Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Abernathy are dear.  Mrs. Beckwith the leader of our party is surely a live one and her daughter is so sweet and attractive.  The party sitting across from us is real nice looking and the only possible beau, Mr. Strother, is with them.  Never did see such a scarcity of beaux but it doesn’t make me mad . . .


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The Johnson Party

Anne Vickery, Mother, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Gordon & Mr. Smith

Janet Beckwith, Azilee Keith & Marjorie James

Marjorie Henderson, Mrs. Smith, an Arabian courier


Marjorie Henderson & Janet - Capri

Marjorie Henderson & Miss Smith

Tugging boats from the Blue Grotto - Capri

Saturday, June 25, 1910 

. . .  we came back to the hotel and took the boat to Capri. We were taken out to the big boat in smaller boats and loads of “Frederich” people were on board.  I never had such a trip in my life. The sea was very rough and the boat pitched fearfully.  Everyone was sick.  When we got to the Blue Grotto it was so rough and I felt so miserable that I almost decided not to go in. Did however and we piled into boats two in each boat. I thought we would sink every minute and especially when we went thru’ the small opening of the Grotto.  We had to lie flat down in the boat, but when we got in it was the most wonderful sight.  The most beautiful blue in the world and it was all just indescribable . . .

Campo dei Fiori - Rome

Miss Wilson, Mr. de Friere, Janet & Mr. Warner
Palantine Hill - Rome

Mrs. Beckworth, Janet, Lucy Tyler, Alice McGeer & Sally Tyler
Fiesole, Italy

Friday, July 15, 1910

Venice.  We went to St. Mark’s and the Doge’s Palace this morning. Saw all the points of interest and crossed the Bridge of Sighs. In the afternoon did some shopping and went to the Lido. Had a dandy swim . . .

The Lido - Venice
Marjorie Henderson, Azilee, Janet, Miss Jones, Mother,
Sally, Eva & Mrs. Beckwith

Lake Como - Italy
Mother, Mrs. Beckwith & Janet

Coaching from Interlaken to the Jungfrau

Marjorie Henderson & Janet on way to the Jungfrau

Sliding on the Eiger Glacier

The Gornergrat - Zermatt

Group at Heidelberg Castle

The House in the Woods - The Hague
Marjorie Henderson, Edie, Eva & Mabs

Scheveningen - Holland

Wednesday, August 17, 1910

We spent the morning sightseeing. Went to the gallery, Parliament building and the Inquisition Prison. The last was horrible. This afternoon we went to the House in the Woods and then a few of us went to Scheveningen.  Never did see such a sight and it all was so fascinating.  We sat on the beach and had a nice little picnic party . . .

Street scene in London

Wednesday, August 24, 1910

Our last day of the tour and Mrs. Brown took us to Windsor.  We took the 10 o’clock train at Paddington and got off at Slough where we took the motor bus.  Had a beautiful ride and stopped at Stoke Poges where Gray wrote his “Elegy In a Churchyard.”  Saw the monument erected to him, the little church and the churchyard.  A beautiful spot.  We stopped again at Eton and went into the college then went to Windsor.   Had luncheon at the White Hart Hotel and then went thru’ the castle.  It was all grand and the view wonderful.  We took the 4:30 train back to London.   After having tea and shopping a little mother and I took a taxi and went to the tailors to have our suits fitted.   It hardly seems possible that our tour is ended and tomorrow we will all be scattered and the “A’s” will be here. I do so hate to have Mabs and Edie go for we have had such good times and they are such dears.

Grandfather's House

The Blain Monument

Sunday, September 4, 1910

Mother, Miss Breyman, Azilee and I took a motor at 9 and went to Bowness-on-Solway. This time it was the right one and we saw the house where grandfather was born and the monument in the church yard erected to the family with his name on it.   We met some people who remembered the family and Mrs. Abby Topping, cousin Maggie Allen’s friend.  We certainly had a glorious ride thru’ this grand country, a perfect garden and over such splendid roads.  We came home in time for luncheon at 2:30.  Afterwards Miss Breyman and I walked to Lodin Falls, eight miles there and back.  A beautiful walk along Lake Derwentwater.  Sure do feel like I’ve been somewhere tonight.

Coaching to Keswick

Jaunting Cart - Ireland

Wednesday, September 14, 1910

Fine weather still continuing and I feel grand myself. Bess and I spent the morning in the upper deck with Mr. Vining and Mr. Sawyer even tho’ Miss Minnie does think it scandalous we were associating with a married man.  My usual luck to get crazy about one and he certainly is good company.  We sat in our steamer chairs this afternoon and this evening we went up on deck and watched the moon on the water.  It was a glorious sight and we passed a boat.  If Miss Minnie could have seen us then.

On board the S.S. Arabic
Azilee, Kan Bacon, Mr. Sawyer, Marjorie Henderson, Bess Bacon

Marjorie and Edith disembarked in New York on September 18, 1910 and then took a rather long and circuitous journey back to their new home in Powell River.  First stop was the Blain home (Edith's birthplace) in Galt, now Cambridge, Ontario, where they spent more than a month with various relatives.  In November they went through Chicago (more relatives) and ended up in Scanlon, Minnesota on November 7 to pack up last minute things and collect Marjorie's brother Tobe who was helping to disassemble the mill.  On November 28 they took the train from St. Paul to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan through to Calgary and arrived in Vancouver on December 1.  There they finally met up with Andrew Henderson.  Before they could leave Vancouver though Marjorie had to attend the wedding of Olive McLennan, an old Trafalgar School friend.  Finally on December 8, 1910, Marjorie took the steamship "Cowichan" for the seven hour trip to Powell River.  



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