After College 1908 - 1909

 In June 1908 Marjorie returned to Lawrenceburg to stay with the Lillard's.


Gordon, Margaret Lillard, Mrs. Lillard, Mr. Lillard,
Marjorie Henderson, Jessie May Lillard


Mr. Lillard, Jessie May Lillard, Mrs. Lillard,
Gordon, Marjorie Henderson, Margaret Lillard


Mr. Lillard and Marjorie Henderson


Ida Moore, Margaret and Jessie May Lillard and Marjorie Henderson
Barn Dancing on front walk

On her return from Kentucky, Marjorie set about settling into her new home.  She quickly made new friends and started to get involved in her day to day life.  Activities included sewing, long hikes, sleigh rides, playing cards (mostly Bridge), skiing, music and tea parties.  Shopping was done in nearby Cloquet and social events, dances and concerts took place in Duluth, about 20 miles away.


Bobbie Scanlon and Margaret in front of the house
December 1908


On the River

Marjorie didn't stay put long however.  In March she started a swing through the Southern States visiting old Campbell-Hagerman friends.  The first stop was Fort Worth, Texas where she stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Wellington (parents of Mildred Wellington) from March 5 to March 31 and with Alice Van Zandt from April 1 to May 10, 1909.  Most of the activities seemed to gravitate towards the Van Zandt's with lots of friends coming and going.  

Alice's father was Major Khleber Van Zandt who was president of the Fort Worth National bank.  He had been an officer in the Confederate Army and had fourteen children, including Alice.      

Some of the visit included staying at Edmund (Ned) Van Vandt's, country home called "Zandtland."  Edmund was Alice Van Zant's brother.

Fort Worth Trip
March 5 - May 10, 1909

Friday, March 5, 1909

We had the best time all morning laughing and talking and we met such a nice lady, a Mrs. Donaldson who was going to Dallas.  Dear old Ida gets sweeter every minute and I sure do love her.  We got off the train at McAllister for breakfast and Denisin for dinner.  It was loads of fun hopping on and off the train.  After dinner it began to get warm and I about died.  Between the heat and my excitement I surely had an awful time.  I know everyone on the train thought I was crazy.   We got into Fort Worth at 4:30 and Alice and Mildred were at the train to meet us.  My but wasn’t I glad to see them.  I could hardly wait to get thru’ the gate and such a hugging bee as we did have.  They are just the same dear girls and the minute I saw them I about fell to pieces I was so happy.  We drove up to the Van Zandt’s and I met Mrs. Van Zandt, Virgie (Alice’s sister) and Major Van Zandt.  Also saw Sidney who was sick in bed with pneumonia and met Elias.  I liked them all so much and was surprised to find them all so different from the way Alice had described them.  We then drove over to Mildred’s as our trunks were sent there.  Mrs. Wellington was there and she is just as sweet and lovely as she was in Lexington.   Mr. Wellington came home in time for dinner.  After dinner Robert Huffman, one of Mildred’s friends, brought Mr. Collings, Mr. Dan and Mr. Smith to call.  I liked them all very much but was a little too tired to really enjoy myself.  Altho’ I was tired I could hardly go to sleep that night to think that my hopes had been realized and my dreams had come true with Ida next to me, and Alice and Mildred again ...


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Mr. and Mrs. Wellington

Photo Gallery

Alice Van Zandt, Mildred Wellington, Ida Wise, Sidney Johnson, Marjorie Sutherland, Edna Pendleton, Allie Mallard, Mabel Chilton, George Moore, Dan Jarvis, Ethel Van Zandt, Edmund (Ned) Van Zandt


Sidney Johnson and Alice Van Zandt
in front of the Van Zandt house 



Alice, Sid, Edna, Marjorie, George, Allie, Ida, Mildred, Mabel

George Moore, Mabel Chilton & Sidney Johnson


Mildred, Alice, Allie, Ida, Edna, Marjorie, Ethel


Sidney Johnson & Alice Van Zandt

George Moore & Sidney Johnson

Marjorie Henderson & George Moore


George, Ida, Edna, Marjorie, Sid, Mildred, Alice, Allie, Ethel

Alice, Edmund (Ned) & Dan

Major and Mrs. Van Zandt & Sidney

After Marjorie left Forth Worth she travelled with Ida Wise through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, making their way to Lexington, Kentucky where they had been invited to attend a 1909 Graduation Ceremony at Campbell-Hagerman College.  Marjorie visited the Lillard's once more in Lawrenceburg and then headed home to Scanlon arriving there on June 17, 1909.  Marjorie stayed home in Scanlon for the next year and prepared for her next adventure.


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